biggest Preform horizontal injection machine in Taiwan




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2014-11-4 · Injection Moulding MachineIMM

Automotive Industry in Hungary -

2013-1-31 · The Hungarian Railway Carriage and Machine Works was established in 1896, primarily for the production of passenger carriages and restaurant cars for trains. In 1936, they started the production of the Rába Super, Rába Maros and Rába Speciál lorries, with a working load of 2.5 to 3.5 tonnes and 30­passenger Rába autobuses.

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2008-10-7 · Such as printing machine, water packing machine, food packing machine, automatic banking machine; construction machine as well as processing all types of plastic molds. We have full-time technical engineers to provide timely installation of equipments, technical training, after-sale service to track the equipment, and long-term accessories supply.


2009-7-1 ·  Beijing Boarding Arts & Crafts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. AddressCaiyu Economic Development Zone Daxing District, Beijing, China Post code102606 Contact personDavid He


2016-11-4 · The design and assembly of machinery and systems subsector includes machine tools, and semiconductor and solar equipment makers. The precision modules and components subsector includes tool and die making, casting, injection moulding, ultra-precision machining, as well as specialized components such as bearings, motors, vacuum pumps, and watch


2016-12-28 · It is the world's second-largest oil and gas producer, the fourth-largest producer of electricity, and has become one of the most energy-intensive economies. A strategic goal has been set to reduce the energy intensity of GDP by 40% by 2020 through energy saving, improving efficiency, eliminating regulatory constraints, and encouraging the


2018-1-26 · 4.3 6.7 7.0 0.3 90 2922 Oxygen-function amino-compounds. 4.2 5.0 6.9 0.3 91 8443 Printing machinery,including ink- jet printing machines,other than those of head 2.8 5.4 6.8 0.3 92 2803 Carbon (carbon blacks and other forms of carbon elsewhere specified or included) 0.3 3.6 6.7 0.3 93 8467 Tools for working in the hand, pneumatic, hydraulic or


2009-3-16 · Large Horizontal Jig Boring Machine Build to Order ~£1.5M Bespoke Design & Construction of Machine From 16th March Subject to scope of project Precision Machine Tools Precision Lathe - DT40 Demonstrator Machine Available ~£250k Diamond Turning